Canvas - Known Issue - No results from YouTube Search in Canvas

If an instructor tries to search for a YouTube video into Canvas via the Canvas search tool, the search will return 0 results.

    In Spring 2020, users reported that the built-in YouTube search feature in Canvas was returning no results.


      This issue affects any instructor who is trying to embed a YouTube video into Canvas via the built-in Canvas search tool.


      This issue is present as of 3/17/2020. It has been reported to the Canvas administrator and will be investigated as soon as possible.


      Instead of using the built-in YouTube search in Canvas, search for a video directly on YouTube. Then, directly embed the video by clicking Share, copying the embed code from YouTube, and pasting it into the HTML editor in Canvas. Videos can also be added via Kaltura MediaSpace as outlined in Kaltura - Adding YouTube Media to Kaltura.