Webex Meetings: Modifying Existing Webex Meetings

Situation - Your upcoming Webex Meeting needs an alternate host added or you want to make modifications to the meeting preferences, but aren’t allowed to do this. 

In order make changes to an existing scheduled Webex Meeting, you must make the modifications using the original source that you created the meeting from.

Examples – 

Summary - If you choose to create a Webex Meeting using the Outlook Desktop Client using Webex Productivity Tools, you must make any edits to that Webex Meeting using Webex Productivty Tools. You are not able to create a Webex Meeting using one example, then make edits using another example.

Webex Productivity Tools: (Outlook Plug-in)
Outlook with Webex Icons

Web Portal: (uwmadison.webex.com)
Webex portal through browser

Cisco Webex Scheduler: (used for OWA)
OWA start a Webex Meeting

This is a Cisco product- for more information see https://cisco.com/go/webex