AEFIS - Eval Results - Course Survey Assignment Audit Report (Admin)

The "Course Survey Assignment Audit" report identifies which course sections have been assigned to a course survey, and which course sections have not yet been assigned. This document explains how to navigate the report options, and how to run and read the resulting report.

AEFIS offers several reports to help compile and organize the responses from course evaluations. For general information about these reports, visit AEFIS - Eval Results - Reports Homepage (Admin).

Report Parameters

Every AEFIS Course Evaluation report has a panel of report parameters similar to the one shown below. The key parameters, and their behavior are outlined here:

report options


  • Select the semester to be reported.
  • You can select multiple semesters.


  • Options defined by your AEFIS user account.


  • Options defined by your AEFIS user account.


  • This field may be left blank to show all courses in the report.
  • It may appear empty, but begin typing the course name to trigger the filter.
  • Select from courses that were available during that semester.
  • You can select multiple courses or leave blank for all courses.

Display Assignments

  • Options:
    • All
    • Assigned Courses
    • Unassigned Courses

Survey Type

  • The survey types you want this audit to examine.
  • You can select multiple survey types.


  • You must select a survey, even if only one survey is listed.

Reset Parameters

  • Resets all parameters back to default values (useful when you have made several attempts).
  • Since multiple fields allow you to select multiple items, "resetting" parameters quickly erases all selected options.

Run Report

  • This may take several seconds or minutes to complete, depending on quantity of data.
  • The page will load with a new view. (See Report Details below.)

Report Details

This report shows you a general summary on top.

report options 1

As you scroll down, the report will list each course section that was captured by your report parameters. Each course section will display one of two icons in the "Assigned" column. A green circle (with a white checkmark) indicates that section has been assigned to a survey. A gray circle (with a white checkmark) indicates that course section has not been assigned to a survey.

report results 2


Click the Export button to print this report, or to export to a .pdf file.

report export & print