SIS/Managing Your Enrollment - Faculty Center: Viewing Class Roster


An overview and step-by-step guide to accessing class rosters through the Faculty Center.


The class roster is the official class roster of enrolled student. It will always reflect up-to-the-minute enrollment in your class.
The class list email addresses and Photo Roster are refreshed 6 times a day. You may experience a temporary discrepancy between students actually enrolled in your class and the email addresses/photos available in the class roster.

Accessing Class Rosters

While these instructions demonstrate how instructors can access a class roster in Faculty Center, departmental Curricular and Enrollment Representatives can also access a class roster in SIS > Curricular & Enroll Rep WorkCenter > e-Class Roster.

    1. Login to MyUW, then select the Faculty Center tile.

      Faculty center tile
    2. The main page will default to display current term information. To view a different term, click the Change Term button.
      If the term you desire is not available, contact the department's Curricular Representative.
    3. Class roster will display next to each course you are listed as the Instructor of Record.If a class section is missing, contact the department's Curricular Representative to confirm your name has been added as the Instructor of Record. Note- sections for which you are not instructing will not appear in your Teaching Schedule.

      screenshot of My Teach Schedules table for a term in SIS with box around icons in Class Roster column
    4. Click on the Class Roster Class roster icon, group of people icon to the left of the section you wish to view, and your class roster will display.

Note: Although all sections of a Cross-listed or Meets-with course will appear, the Class Roster icon will appear only once in this listing with the primary department course title.
Cross-list and Meets-with classes consist of the following:

Class Roster Tab

Class roster tab with boxes around Student Enrollment Status, information icon, photo roster button, Details link, and Download Grid link

Email Tab

The Class Roster includes Student Email Addresses. Select the Email tab to view this information.

Email tab of Class Roster with box around tab name and Enable and Modify Your Class List link

Downloading Student Data to a Spreadsheet or
Opening the Photo Roster

The Download Grid link allows you to export student data from the Class Roster or the Email tab to a spreadsheet.
The Photo Roster allows you to view photos of enrolled students in a PDF format.

Since both documents will open a separate window, you might need to allow pop-ups/disable pop-up blockers in your browser.
If you experience any difficulties, please consult your technical staff or the DoIT Help Desk

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