Innovation Center Library GLS Computers

This KB will go over what patrons can do on the Innovation Center Library GLS computers, GLS-KICL6209 and GLS-KICL6340.

These computers are designed to be auto-login, meaning you should be able to access the desktop of the computer without worrying about entering in a username and password. However due to the unique network set up of these computers (these are technically on and off campus computers all rolled into one), sometimes the machines need to be restarted, or completely shut down and turned back on before the auto-login feature resumes working.

If the auto-login feature is not working please do the following:

-Hold down the power button on the computer tower for a few seconds. You can let go when all the lights of the computer completely shut off.
-Once you are sure the computer is completely off (no sounds, no lights), unplug the computer from the wall jack.
-Wait 10 seconds or so.
-Replug the computer back into the wall and use the power button on the computer tower to turn the machine back on.
-Reboot again following the previous steps as necessary.

Patrons can:

- Adjust Accessibility of the computer


-Browse the internet using Chrome, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge


-Use UW-Madison online Library resources

  • You can access the UW-Madison Libraries site by going on any browser and typing in or you can click the "Ask a Librarian" desktop icon (See Image Below).
  •  The Ask a Librarian icon will automatically take you to the Library Website's Help page. You can then click the "Libraries" logo at the top left corner of the website to get to the Library Website Home page (See image below).
  • Once on the Library Website Home page, you can utilize the Search box available right on the page (See image below).
    • This Search box allows you to search specifically for Articles, Catalogs, Databases, Journals and inside of the UW Digital Collections Catalog. You can search by Keyword, Author, Title or Subject. 
    • UW Digital Collections Catalog includes digitized content of countless images, pages and sound recordings.
    • Both KICL6209 and KICL6340 are set up to allow any user access to UW-Madison Libraries' online resources, as if you are using a computer inside a UW-Madison library on campus. This means without having to login with a NetID, patrons can access all journals, articles, databases, etc. that UW-Madison Libraries have access to. 
      • Please keep in mind that UW-Madison Libraries subscriptions and access to some resources do change over time. Just because an article or other content is listed on the catalog, does not mean UW-Madison Libraries has access to the full text. The abstract may be all that is available for some articles. 
    • To check on the availability of a specific content, or to request help with locating a particular content, please use the "Ask a Librarian" desktop icon. When this icon takes you to the Library Website Help page, you can click the "Chat with a Librarian" button on the right hand side of the website to live chat with a librarian (See Image Below). The "Chat Now" button will be blue for the libraries that are open and staffed at the current time. It will be grayed out if the library is closed at the current time. 

- Microsoft Office 2016 Products


- Windows Built-in Tools