WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Using Alternative (Alt) Text

Alternative (Alt) Text should be added to images to increase accessibility of your site. Alternative text provides meaning and description to images read by screen readers. This document will walk you through how to add alt text to your images in WiscWeb, and will direct you to resources for crafting your alt text.

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Purpose and use

Alternative text describes in words the non-text elements of a web page or document, such as photos, drawings or charts. You can add it as the form of an alt attribute and as captions. In WordPress, this is done through editing the image via your media library.


From WebAim.org, alternative text is a textual substitute for non-text content in web pages.

Alternative text serves several functions:

Adding alt text to images in WiscWeb

  1. When uploading Media, there are two fields that should users should populate immediately.

    • The Title field provides an ability to search for the media based on name of the media item.
    • The Alt Text field, which will make this image accessible for visitors to your site.
    • The Caption field, which will allow you to add additional information to your images.

      WordPress media library options including Alternative Text, Image Title, and Image Caption

Resources for crafting alt text

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