ResearchDrive - Connecting From an Apple Computer

This document describes how to connect to a ResearchDrive storage account from an Apple computer.

ResearchDrive Account Overview

Account Naming Convention

Restricted Data

ResearchDrive aligns with the Secure Storage Request process and compliance requirements on the Cybersecurity Risk Management and Compliance website.

Connectivity Options

There are several ways to access ResearchDrive storage from an Apple computer.

option requires campus network or vpn protocol comment
Mounting ResearchDrive storage using Finder yes smb Recommended Option for UW-Madison Apple computers
Access ResearchDrive with Globus no gridftp or https Recommended Option for external collaborators

Mounting ResearchDrive storage using Finder

  1. If you are off campus or using wifi then you will need to connect to WiscVPN. before using ResearchDrive.
  2. Open Finder. finder go
  3. Click Go then Connct to Server or use the ⌘K keyboard shortcut.
  4. Enter smb://[PI NetID]. Optionally click the + button to save to your Favorite Servers list. Click the Connect button to continue. netid
  5. Click Connect As: Registered User. creds
    • Enter Name: [NetID] and Password: [NetID password]
    • Check the box labeled Remember this password in my Key Chain if desired.
    • Click Connect.

Connect to ResearchDrive with Globus

Please refer to Globus - Access ResearchDrive or SharedDrive Stoage with Globus.