InterPro - Teaching Resources for Instructors - Engagement Strategies for Synchronous Web Conferences

Synchronous sessions lend themselves well for real-time collaboration, communication, and problem solving.

Synchronous sessions are most effective when they actively engage leaners. 

In addition to the strategies outlined below, explore Liberating Structures.

Strategies to engage learners during live web conference, include:

Solve a problem 
small groups work to collectively answer
think-aloud pair problem-solving

Generate a list 
pro/con grid

Categorize items  
presence or absence of features

Synthesize ideas and concepts that were raised in other parts of the course 
shout outs to well done or insightful contributions 
answer questions that seemed to surface from multiple people
clarify misconceptions

Small group discussion 


Debate a topic

Negotiate an outcome 

Concept Map/Outline a Process


Brief response
Minute Paper 
Muddiest Point

Share artifacts, current events, examples

Pose a question at the beginning of the session, to stimulate thinking, then present content, and followup with the question at the end for large group discussion

Present on a challenging, controversial, or complex topic, giving students an opportunity to grapple with and ask questions in real time