Teaching Assistant Workloads in L&S

This document outlines the process for creating a Teaching Assistant or Project Assistant workload, submitting a workload for approval, distributing a workload to TAs, and resolving a workload dispute.


A workload is a document that outlines the duties associated with a specific TA or PA appointment (e.g., "Dinosaur Studies 101 TA workload), and an approximation of the hours required to complete those duties.

Process for Creating a Workload, Seeking Approval, and Distributing the Workload

  1. Identify the required duties of the employee (see "Duties" below).
  2. Determine the number of hours associated with each duty (i.e., how much grading time? How many office hours? How many course meetings over the semester?).
  3. Create a document listing the duties and associated hours required to complete those duties (see "Sample Workloads" below).
  4. Submit the document to Shirin Malekpour in the College of Letters and Science for approval (email approval will follow).
  5. Distribute workload to appropriate employees and their supervisors as early as is practicable.


Communicating with TAs and PAs about workloads

Workload Disputes

Sample Workloads

Detailed campus policies related to TA workload are located in the Graduate Assistant Policies and Procedures document.

Contact for L&S

For more information or with questions, please contact Shirin Malekpour.