LEAD: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Learning Engagement Analytics Dashboard

This document details frequently asked questions regarding the Learner Engagement Analytics Daskboard (LEAD).

Kaltura Videos are not all counted.

Correct: it depends on how the video was added/embedded in your course.

  • Currently, videos that are embedded into Canvas are tracked by LEAD only if they were embedded using the direct integration to Kaltura Media under the blue V icon which launches more external tools.

Canvas External Tools menu

NOTE: please do NOT redo all of your embedded media if it’s not showing up now; that could take considerable time and energy, and we continue to explore alternatives.  

I’m not seeing what I expected to see in LEAD; some of the activity seems to be missing?

  • Double-check that you have clicked the “Apply” button if you adjust filters; remember if you switch from one visualization to the next, the filters are persistent until you change them back/again. 
  • Again, please don’t hesitate to send us questions. You can also request a consultation, so we can look at your dashboard with you, and discuss specific questions you may have. 

The Heat Map doesn’t show the dates.

  • Correct: it does show the days of the week. Remember you can filter by date, and see a week or just a few weeks or days at a time. Adjust the slider at the top of the visualization. 

Can I download the data?

  • Currently you can download summary data - go to the top right corner of the page in Tableau, and the download icon allows you to download an image, a PDF, or a PowerPoint document. 
  • Downloading as a CSV file is also possible; contact us through the Help Desk if you would like access to a CSV file and we can update your permissions. This is raw data and will need to be manipulated.  

Note: This document describes a learning analytics approach to help support student success.
  • Remember that students are unique individuals and are much more than their data - be sure to consider the student holistically. 
  •  UW-Madison Learning Analytics Guiding Principles state that learning analytics should be used to benefit students; instructors should be transparent about using learning analytics; instructors should respect students’ privacy and confidentiality, and should minimize potential adverse impacts. 

For additional information on learning analytics at UW-Madison, please visit the learning analytics guide, What are the pedagogical uses of learning analytics?

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