Kaltura/Canvas - Known Issue - Kaltura Media displays "API Error" when trying to access Kaltura media in Canvas

This issue describes the conditions around which a user may experience an API error when trying to access their Kaltura media inside Canvas.


This affects any user who has had media which another user assigned them only "Co-Viewer" rights (not "Co-Publisher" or "Co-Editor" as well) and who then tries to access their Kaltura Media inside the Canvas rich content editor. The user will experience an API Error rather than seeing their Kaltura media display:

Kaltura API error which displays in Canvas when a user has been given only "Co-Viewer" rights to a media entry


As of 12/1/19 this issue was addressed by Kaltura.


There are currently three workarounds while waiting for Kaltura to fix this issue:

Ask the user who only assigned you Co-Viewer rights to give you Co-Editor and Co-Publisher rights to the media entry for which they gave you Co-Viewer rights:

  1. If you're not sure what media entry you may have been given only co-viewer rights to, log into Kaltura MediaSpace.
  2. Click your username in the upper right and select My Media.
  3. Click the Filters button.
  4. Under Ownership click the checkbox for Media I can View. Kaltura MediaSpace will display media for which you've been given "Co-Viewer" rights. You can also click on each media entry to see the owner. If you know who owns the media you can then contact them to request they give you "Co-Editor" and "Co-Publisher" rights.
Contact the DoIT Help Desk for escalation to the Learn@UW-Madison team
  1. Contact the DoIT Help Desk to submit a ticket on this issue.
  2. Describe the issue and make reference to this KB doc (#95089). The Help Desk will ask to document various relevant information (your operating system, browser, Canvas course, etc.).
  3. Ask for escalation to the Learn@UW-Madison team.
  4. The Learn@UW-Madison team will work with you and Kaltura to identify the media entry for which you were given "Co-Viewer" rights to either remove them or give you additional rights depending on the circumstances in order to give you access to Kaltura media inside Canvas again.
Access your media in Kaltura MediaSpace to get iframe embed code for use in Canvas:
  1. Follow Kaltura - How to get a link or embed code to a video in MediaSpace (UW-Madison) in order to copy iframe embed code for a media entry in Kaltura MediaSpace.
  2. Follow Instructure's guide How do I embed iFrame videos using the Rich Content Editor as an instructor? to embed your Kaltura video into a Canvas.