VPN - Installing and configuring the GlobalProtect client

This document contains links to the GlobalProtect installation instructions. A VPN or Virtual Private Network through GlobalProtect from Palo Alto Networks allows UW–Madison faculty, staff and students to access University resources even when they are using a commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP). It accomplishes this by encrypting internet traffic between a home/remote personal or work computer/laptop and the campus network. All traffic from the client is routed through the tunnel with a campus IP address, making that traffic appear to be originating from on-campus.


Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Forest & Wildlife faculty, students, and staff; Hub staff


To install the GlobalProtect client follow the instructions found in the DoIT KB docs linked below:

VPN Portal Settings: 

If you have any trouble or questions contact us at help@russell.wisc.edu.

Windows Installation Instructions

Mac Installation Instructions

Linux Installation Instructions

iOS Installation Instructions

Android Installation Instructions


Email help@russell.wisc.edu.