Learn@UW/D2L - Paste from Word in HTML Editor

This document describes the advantages of using Paste from Word instead of a regular Paste to copy text from a Microsoft Word document into the HTML Editor.

To use Paste from Word in the HTML Editor, select "Paste from Word" (by the clipboard with the W logo on it) from the second to the last drop-down.

HTML Editor with Paste controls

The main reason for using Paste from Word is accessibility. Using Paste from Word will preserve header information to allow reading the document with a page reader.

Using Paste from Word also ensures that paragraph breaks will be preserved. If you copy text from a Microsoft Word document and paste into the HTML editor using the regular Paste icon or typing Ctrl+V or command+V, paragraph breaks may be removed after saving.

When you use Paste from Word, all text attributes are copied from the Word document into the HTML editor including:

Embedded images and other objects such as charts are not copied into the HTML editor whether you use Paste from Word or regular Paste.

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