KB User's Guide - API - Making OAuth Requests

The KB uses OAuth 2.0 to allow provisioned users to request API tokens for use within an application. This document describes the process and policy regarding OAuth requests to access the KB's Private API layer.

OAuth Provisioning Policy

The following conditions must be met in order to make an oAuth request:

  1. The requester must have the same or higher level of access as the OAuth account they are requesting.
    • The request must be for a group space to which the requester has access
    • The request must only necessitate group space permissions that are matched or exceeded by the requester's own permissions
  2. The request must be sent from an email address associated with an existing KB user account, which must meet the requirements above.

Request Process

OAuth requests can be sent to kb-team@doit.wisc.edu.

When making an OAuth request, please supply the following information:

Once the KB Team has reviewed your request, we will follow up with you directly to provide you with your account information.

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