EPD - Canvas - Discussion Forums - How to Post Audio Comments

This document explains how Canvas users can comment on a Discussion Forum using an audio recording.

In addition to text comments, audio comments can be used to participate in Canvas Discussion Forums. Audio comments can be directly recorded in Canvas, or they can be uploaded as a file if the recording was completed using a separate application (i.e., iPhone's Voice Memo app). Both methods will be explained in this document.

1) Go to your Canvas Course Dashboard. Navigate to the appropriate course.

2) Navigate to the appropriate Discussion Forum. 

3) Below the discussion's description, select ReplyA text editor appears. 

4) Select the Record/Upload Media button. Then record or upload your audio comment.

Click Record/Upload Media

Option 1: Record Audio Directly in Canvas

Record Media Tab

Click Webcam > No Video

Select the correct microphone

Make sure the microphone is detecting noise

Click Start Recording

Click Finish when done recording, or Start Over if you're not happy with the recording

Preview Recording

Post Reply

Option 2: Upload Previously Recorded Audio to Canvas

Select the Upload Media tab

Select Audio File

Post Reply