WiscIT - Variables and Stored Values

This document explains the difference between variables and stored values within the WiscIT Cherwell client.

Variables and Stored Values are both strategies that WiscIT uses to remember information in One-Steps and Functions. However, there are major differences between the two, and have their own use-cases.


Example of the Variables Option

Variables are often used within one-steps to remember information that would only be accessible in a previous step. The steps that are able to create variables are the "Update a Variable or Stored Value" step and the "Show a Popup" step. Some notable features of one-steps are:

Stored Values

Example of the Stored Value Option

Stored Values are used to store information globally or between different operations. For example, a one-step could save information to the stored value, and then a different one-step could use this information to update a field.

Stored Values also allow information to be remembered across sessions, and allow for each user to have their own value. Some notable features include: