WiscList - Which email list should I choose for migration?

This document will provide guidance on how to select a service for your email list needs. The recommendations below are meant for, but not limited to, the following types of communication:

  • ad-hoc
  • forum
  • internal (ex: vacation, out of office)
  • community of practice
  • occasional announcements

Note: If you are using WiscList for marketing features (i.e., click rate, HTML editor, analytics, etc.), please contact wisclist-feedback@g-groups.wisc.edu to discuss alternative email list options.

Which service should I pick?

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Overview of email list services:

What is Google Groups?

Google Groups makes it easy for groups of people—such as project teams, departments, or classmates—to communicate and collaborate. You can send an email to everyone in a group with one address, invite a group to an event, or share documents with a group. You can also create an online forum to discuss a popular technology or answer questions about a product.


Note: Currently, Google Groups cannot be used where electronic protected health information (ePHI) or HIPAA data is shared. Anyone working in the Health Care Components must use Office 365 Groups.

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What is Office 365 Groups?

Office 365 Groups let you choose a set of people that you wish to collaborate with and easily set up a collection of resources for those people to share. Resources such as a shared Outlook inbox, shared calendar or a document library for collaborating on files.


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