Webex App and Webex Meeting - Logon & Eligibility

This document explains the process for logging into the Webex app.

Please Note:

Login Process for the Webex App and Webex Meeting

  1. Enter the Webex site: uwmadison.webex.com
  2. Click "Sign in"
  3. Webex_signin.PNG

  4. Enter your primary UW-Madison email address (Office 365 - What is a primary address?)
  5. Webex_email.PNG

    NOTE: If you receive a Single Sign On error, double check that you are using your primary address (Office 365 - What is a primary address?). If you are using the correct address, please clear your web browser's cache and cookies, and attempt to sign in again (Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies).

  6. You should be prompted for your NetID and password
  7. Webex_campus.PNG

  8. You may also be prompted for your multifactor authentication (MFA). If you are complete the request.

Other useful Webex Sites

UW-Madison Primary Email Address

Webex accounts are created based on an enduser's Primary email address. The account owner can view their Primary email address at the Wisc Account Administration site as described in Office 365 - Change your Primary Address

If someone changes their Primary email address, they will need to wait till the next sync occurs (5 PM every night) before using that new email address to login.

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