Academic Staff Assembly Documents 09-09-19

Assembly Minutes May 13, 2019

Our Shared Future Information
OurSharedFuturePoster_v3-1.pdf (paper copy at door)
SamanthaSkenandoreFinalFlyer.pdf (paper copy at door)

Report on 2018-19 Academic Staff Assembly Business (#712)

Nominating Committee Candidate-Dan Barnish (#713)
713-NominatingCommitteeCandidateDanBarnish.pdf (paper copy at door)
713-CoverSheet.docx (paper copy at door)

Resolution Celebrating 125 Years of Sifting and Winnowing (#714)
714-ResolutionCelebrating125YearsofSiftingandWinnowing.pdf (paper copy at door)
714-CoverSheet.docx (paper copy at door)

Shared Governance Reception Announcement
SharedGovernanceReception19.pdf (paper copy at door)

Academic Staff Governance Meeting Schedule 2019-20
2019-2020MeetingDates3columns.pdf (paper copy at door)

Madison Academic Staff Network Membership Form and Event Schedule (coming soon)
NetworkMembershipFormwithFall2019events.pdf (paper copy at door)

ASPRO Membership Form
RecruitmentFlyer-M-2018.pdf (paper copy at door)