Webex Meetings: (Windows) Schedule a Webex Meeting using Outlook Desktop

Schedule, edit, or cancel meetings from Microsoft Outlook on Windows.

Scheduling Webex Meetings from the Outlook Desktop Client is easy.


  • Webex Productivity Tools must be installed.  Click here for instructions on how to download.
  • Ensure Outlook is closed when installing Webex Productivity Tools.

Guide to Start Scheduling a Webex Meeting

Webex Meeting buttons appear in outlook

Enter Your Meeting Information: 

To: You may enter and send anyone a meeting invitation to join your meeting who has an email address

Subject: Subject of your meeting

Select Date and time

You can type any message you want to your attendees but you must type above the line that says -"Do not delete or change any of the following text." When you send the message Webex will populate the lower part of the email message with the Join Meeting information, below your text, thus completing the "Meeting Invitation". 

You are now ready to Send your Webex Meeting invite.

Schedule a meeting entry screen

Available Settings Before Sending the Invite

Note - This had replaced the initial icon you selected when you added a Webex Meeting 

Change settings options PC

Designating an Alternate Host

A meeting cannot begin unless a host starts the meeting. If for some reason the host cannot start the meeting, then the meeting cannot take place for anyone unless they have the Host Key. It may be advantageous to designate an alternate host. This can be done on the Resources tab under Change Settings.  Only a UW Madison Webex Account holder can be selected as an alternate host. They will receive an email saying they have been selected as an alternate host with the host information.

If you do not see the name of the person you'd like to designate as an Alternate Host, then you have not entered their email in the TO field when starting the message. Close out of Change Settings and go back to the To: field and enter their email.

Prevent Attendees from Calling-in to the Toll Number

Another option is to not display the phone number when sending out the meeting invitation so your attendees only join using their computer for audio.  To do this, select Change Settings, then select the drop down for Audio Connection Type in the Audio & Tracking Tab.  By selecting Use VoIP Only, the phone number will not be displayed and no phone dial in will be enabled for that Webex Meeting.

Menu for selecting Use VOIP only

Updating Attendees or the Date/Time of an Already Scheduled Webex Meeting

Please Note:

You can schedule a Webex Meeting to an appointment using the Webex Productivity Tools integration to Microsoft Outlook.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Not all the features available for scheduling Webex Meetings on our Webex site are available in the Webex Productivity Tools integrated with Outlook. This includes some of the recurrence patterns.  For more info, see Recurrence Pattern Limitation for the Webex Integration to Outlook.

  • The Webex Meeting invitations that you send will have the meeting's start time appear in the time zone that is set on your computer, and may not match the time zone preferences you have set on your Webex site.                               

This is a Cisco product- for more information see https://cisco.com/go/webex