Webex Meetings: Getting Started

Cisco Webex Meetings makes hosting an online meeting easy. You can schedule a meeting in advance or start one right away. When it's time to meet, you can present and collaborate with your team as if you're in the same room.

Here's everything you need to know in one place for Webex Meetings. All UW-Madison faculty, staff and students are eligible to host and join Webex meetings. Anyone with an email address can be invited to your Webex Meetings

Webex Layout

Schedule a Meeting - Outlook

Use the Outlook Desktop App on your Windows or Mac machine to schedule a Webex Meeting.

Start a Meeting

At the scheduled meeting time, you can start a meeting in several ways:

1. Email invitation - from your inbox or sent box (if you are the host).

2. Calendar invite - find the meeting date and time and open the meeting.  Click the green Start or Join button.

3. Webex Meetings Desktop Application - A reminder will appear before the meeting time with a Start or Join button.  This usually appears in the bottom right corner of your desktop.

Meeting Reminder

4. Webex Meetings Desktop App (Continued) - Go to your Webex Meetings Desktop App starting window and find the meeting listed and click Start/Join next to the scheduled meeting.

Start meeting through Webex app

Connect Audio

Before you join or start a meeting you can choose the settings you use for audio in the meeting.

1. Click the audio connection options in the Webex Meetings app.

Audio Settings
2. Choose how you want to hear the audio in the meeting:

Change Audio Type
  • Use computer audio—Use your computer with a headset or speakers. This is the default audio connection type.

    You can change your headset, speakers, and microphone.

  • Call in—Dial in from your phone when the meeting starts. A list of global call-in numbers is available after you join the meeting.

  • Don't connect to audio—You won't hear any audio in the meeting through your computer or phone. Use this option if you're in the meeting room but want to use your computer to share content in the meeting.

3. If you want to join the meeting with your audio muted, click Mute Mute .

You'll see Unmute when your microphone is muted. Click Unmute Unmute when you want to speak in the meeting.


Troubleshooting Audio

Start Your Video

Before you join or start a meeting you can choose the settings you use for video in the meeting.

1. If you want to join the meeting with your video turned off, click Stop video Stop Video .

You'll see Start Video when your video is turned off.  Click Start video Start Video when you want to show your video.

Start Video

2. By default, your self-view video shows in mirror view. You can turn off mirror view if you want to see yourself in your self-view video the same way that other meeting participants see you.

If you're happy with the audio and video seetings that you chose for this meeting, you can save them for your next meeting.

3. If you want added privacy or to limit possible distractions from your video, you can use a virtual background. Click Change background, and then choose to blur or replace your background.

Share Content

To share content during a meeting, from the meeting control panel, select Share Share .


Go to the Share menu for more sharing options.

If you select Screen you will share your entire desktop. If you select an application you have open like Firefox, then you are sharing only the application Firefox and they will not see your desktop and will see a grey privacy screen instead. If you want to switch between different applications seamlessly without worry of privacy, select to share your Screen. If you have dual monitors it will present you with two screens instead of just the single monitor you see below. Select the monitor you want to share.

When sharing content, you have the ability to "Optimize for text and images" or "Optimize for video and motion".  Choose the best option for the content being shared.

Note - When sharing content optimized for video and motion, you can share your computer audio so the attendees in your Webex Meeting can hear the video audio being played.

Record a Meeting

Your meetings are important. If your whole team can't be there, or if you want to remember what was said, record your meeting to share later. The recording includes the audio, video, and presentation.

While in your meeting, click Record Record, and then Record to record right away. You and your participants see a red icon at the top right of your window when recording is in process.

When the meeting ends, you can find your recording on the Recordings > My Recorded Meetings page of your Webex site. If you recorded in the cloud, when the meeting ends, you receive an email with the recording link. Depending on file size and bandwidth, it can take up to 24 hours to receive your recording.

Details for Recording a meeting

Details for turning transcription off

Check out other resources from Cisco- Getting Started with Webex Meetings

This is a Cisco product- for more information see https://cisco.com/go/webex

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