L&S TA Early Report

This document guides you through the process of completing and submitting the TA Early Report for fall and spring semesters. This report is due each October and March.

Documents & Deadlines


Detailed Instructions for the TA Early Report

1. Departmental Details
At the top of the spreadsheet, indicate the following:
  • Department name
  • Your name
  • Date
2. List TAs, FAs, & UAs
  • Name (Last, First). TA name.
  • Course. Course Assignment
  • Appt Type. Indicate if the appointment is for a TA (teaching assistant), FA (faculty assistant) or UA (undergrad assistant).
  • Funding. This is a dropdown list, and is populated by the ‘Funding’ table at the bottom of the pae. Add rows to that table for additional funding sources.
  • Appt %. List the appointment % level.
  • C-Basis Rate. List the full-time, C-Basis / 9-month rate.
  • Gross Salary. This column is an automated calculation based on the ‘Appt %’ and ‘C-Basis rate’ fields. This calculation assumes that the appointment is semester-length.
  • FTE. This column is an automated calculation based on the ‘Appt %’ and ‘C-Basis rate’ fields. 
3. Totals by Appt Type
This table on the form is informational only; do not make changes. It shows the headcount and salary cost by appointment type based on the 'List of TAs, FAs, & UAs' table.

4. Funding
  • This table includes some common funding sources (TA 101 budget, and summer revenue). 
  • You may add rows for other funding sources (e.g., 144 funding, departmental 131 funding). 
  • The ‘Salary’ column automatically calculates based on the ‘List of TAs, FAs, & UAs’ above.
5. Submission
  • Submit the reports via Box; upload to the “TA_Graduate” subfolder in your departmental “Teaching and Learning Administration” Box folder
  • Use the naming convention: Yourdepartmentname_EarlyReport_Fall 2020

Contacts for L&S Administration

Questions about filling out the TA Early Reports should be directed to Shirin Malekpour.

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