L&S TA Early Report

This document guides you through the process of completing and submitting the TA Early Report for fall and spring semesters. This report is due each October and March.

Documents & Deadlines

Background: TA Early Report

The TA Early Report is due to Teaching & Learning Administration in L&S each semester. This report includes final appointments for Teaching Assistants, as well as Teaching Specialists (Academic Staff title, previously 'Faculty Assistant') and UAs (Undergrad Assistants).

The report is typically due in mid-October for the fall semester, and early March for the spring semester.

Instructions for the TA Early Report

1. Departmental Details

At the top of the spreadsheet, indicate your department name and name of preparer(s).

2. 'List of TAs' table

List the Teaching Assistants, Teaching Specialists and Undergraduate Assistants for the given semester.

3. Totals by Appt Type

This table on the form is informational only; do not make changes. It shows the headcount and salary cost by appointment type based on the 'List of TAs' table.

4. Funding

Contacts for L&S Administration

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