L&S Teaching Report

This document contains information and instructions for the Teaching Report in L&S.

Background: L&S Teaching Report

This report lists Faculty and renewable Academic Staff who have teaching commitments to the department. This report is reviewed by Teaching & Learning Administration in L&S. TLA requests this report each January for the upcoming academic year. TLA may also request an updated Teaching Report while evaluating short-term staffing requests.
The Teaching Report is designed to assist departments and instructional programs as well as the College in documenting the allocation of Faculty and renewable Academic Staff teaching.
Past copies of the Teaching Report are available in Departmental Box folders (folder name = “48-#### Teaching Report”).

Documents & Deadlines

Instructions for the Teaching Report:

The Teaching Report is meant to be filled out in the order outlined below (Teaching Loads, Teaching Assignments, Course Releases). This is necessary because the list of instructors on the 'Teaching Loads' page populates the 'Instructor' drop downs on the 'Teaching Assignments' and 'Course Releases' pages. Once you’ve completed the list of instructors for the ‘Teaching Loads’ page, you may want to copy your list of instructors into the ‘Teaching Assignments’ and ‘Course Releases’ tables for easier data entry.

  1. Teaching Loads. All Faculty and Renewable Academic Staff with teaching commitments to your department, along with their standard teaching load.
  2. Teaching Assignments. List the planned teaching assignments for your department/program.
  3. Course Releases. List the planned course releases / reduced teaching loads in the given academic year. For the purpose of this report, the term 'course release' includes any reduction to an instructor's standard teaching load.

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