WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Password Protection for Pages Not Working

This document identifies why the password protection for pages that comes standard with WordPress does not work in WiscWeb.

Background Info

WordPress offers a rudimentary password protection option for pages and posts. This can be set with an admin-designated password in the Publishing region of the page (under Visibility). Typically, this is a pretty simple way for site administrators to lock down a specific page or post without having to download a page-lock plugin (or lock down the entire site with a Manifest Group). However, this feature is currently not functional for users of WiscWeb as it conflicts with the campus Shibboleth technology. 

If you try to use this feature, the password protection will show up but when you type in the password, you will see the "Sorry, there was a problem" error:

"Sorry, there was a problem" error message

Alternative Options

If you require password protection for a page or multiple pages of your site, please review:

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