Webex Meeting: Phone number displayed for Webex Meetings -How to not display phone number, VOIP only.

The phone number displayed for Webex Meetings is NOT toll free.

The phone number displayed for uwmadison.webex.com users Webex Meetings is not a toll free number.
Participants or host calling into the phone number could occur charges if they do not have unlimited calling and/or long distance calling. A host will not incur charges from a participant calling in. If the participant calls the phone number and they do not have free long distance the participants could incur charges.

If you have a meeting with international participants (or you wish to not display the phone number) you can choose NOT to display the phone number at all. When setting up the meeting you will change the audio option to  use VOIP only.

If you are scheduling a meeting from the browser at uwmadison.webex.com under the tab My Webex Meetings,  Schedule a meeting (in personal room or scheduled meeting), select under Audio Conference: Webex Audio, select Change Audio Conference, select Conference Type, select Use VOIP only.
Change audio for meeting
Use Voip only selection

No phone number will be listed for any participants including the host. VOIP only (Voice over internet protocol) only allows voice through the internet.

If you are scheduling from Outlook Desktop or Outlook Web Access (OWA). You can select Change Settings as you create the meeting. select Change Audio Conference, select Conference Type, select Use VOIP only.

Mac Outlook Settings

Mac outlook change settings

Mac Outlook selection VOIP only

Window Outlook Settings

WIndows selecting VOIP only

Click Scheduling Meeting, the Webex Settings dialog box will come up.

Windows VOIP only

Change Audio Connection Type to VOIP Only

To get back to Webex Settings dialog box you can click on the Webex Icon in Outlook Desktop.

Getting back to Windows Webex Settings

This is a Cisco product- for more information see https://cisco.com/go/webex