ED/SBS IRB Members

The Education & Social/Behavioral Science IRB consists of the following members:

  • Mark Copelovitch (Chair), Political Science
  • Edward Hubbard (Vice Chair), Educational Psychology
  • Martha Alibali, Psychology
  • Bob Glover, WCER
  • Christopher Harrison, Community Member (MMSD)
  • Margaret Hawkins, Curriculum & Instruction
  • Linn Posey-Maddox, Educational Policy Studies
  • Karen Reece, Prisoner Representative
  • John Stevenson, UW Survey Center
  • Casey Pellien, IRB Office (Director)
  • Laura Conger, IRB Office
  • Olyvia Kuchta, IRB Office
  • Stephanie Wilson, IRB Office
  • Oriana Eversole, Community Member (MMSD)
Genetic Consultant:
  • Qiang Chang, Genetics