Sustainability Committee / ASM


The Sustainability Committee is one of the five open committees of the Associated Students of Madison (ASM) that focuses on environmental sustainability at UW-Madison. As a committee, we identify pressing environmental issues on campus and organize grassroots campaigns to promote sustainable solutions. The goal of this committee is to advocate for administrative and operational changes related to environmental stewardship, and ultimately create a more sustainable campus. We often connect with the greater Madison community to expand our efforts and advance our shared vision of sustainability. We also coordinate with other open committees, such as Legislative Affairs and Equity and Inclusion Committee, to work on environmental policy and environmental justice issues.

In the 2018-19 school year the committee will focus on aligning our campaigns with the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals. Committee members will work together in teams on semester-long campaigns relating to environmental education, compost, water, energy, plastics, and more. Any student is welcome to join throughout the year, we are excited to hear your ideas for a more sustainable campus!


When: Tuesday's at 7-8 p.m.

Where: 4th Floor of Student Activity Center (SAC) in the Caucus Room

First meeting: Tuesday, February 5

Committee Chair

Katie Piel

Feel free to contact Katie if you have any questions or wish to join the Sustainability Committee email list!