e-Reimbursement - Logging in

e-Reimbursement is available via the My UW Madison portal. e-Reimbursement is a component of the Shared Financial System (SFS).

There are three methods to log into e-Reimbursement:

Method 1 (Preferred) - Logging in via the e-Reimbursement website

  1. Navigate to: https://businessservices.wisc.edu/travel-reimbursement/getting-reimbursed/
  2. Click the "Access E-Reimbursement" button.

Method 2  - Logging in via the My UW portal

  1. Log into My UW
  2. Click on or search for the "Employee Financial Resources" module. Note: This module will not show up if you're not employed by UW-Madison. For easier access, users can click "+ Add to home" and the module will be added to the tiles on their MyUW home page. 
  3. Click on e-Reimbursement - Log In (Shown as "Expense Reimbursement Website and Log in")

    Financial Resources Module

  4. e-Reimbursement (ie. SFS) uses true single-on. You may have to choose UW Madison as your campus but you will not need to supply a NetID or Password to logon since you are already logged on to MyUW.

Method 3 - Logging in via Wisconsin Federation

To login to e-Reimbursement directly rather than via My UW:

  1. Go to the Wisconsin Federation login for the Shared Financial System.
  2. Choose UW-Madison as your campus from the list as shown below.

    Wisconsin Federation login - Choose your campus

  3. Login with your NetID (the portion before @wisc.edu in your WiscMail email address) and password

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