WISDM - Service Description

This document briefly describes WISDM - the WISconsin Data Mart for UW System's Shared Financial System.

This system generally accumulates data gathered (electronically and/or manually) from the University's centralized systems, potentially with additional "local" data as needed. The systems are then used to meet a wide variety of departmental needs such as analysis, reporting, and tracking. These may be simple paper-based or Personal Computer-based (such as spreadsheets, word processing, small databases), or more extensive and complex. They have evolved over time as a "shadow" of the centralized systems, providing departmental data access in a way that better meets the localized needs and culture.

The UW System Shared Financial System (SFS) uses the PeopleSoft Financial package. The WISDM web application provides authorized users with a means of retrieving, downloading, and summarizing a large number of data views and online reports from the financial system, including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Payroll, and Salary Requisitions.

The logon requirements for WISDM are separate from other business systems.

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