Getting Started with Wisc Account Administration Site

The following document explains what the Wisc Account Administration site is and what it can be used for.

What can I do on the Wisc Account Administration site?

The site allows you to manage your account and any other account/domain you have access to that relates to the following services: Office 365, G Suite, Box, Qualtrics, and SMTP Relaying.

Who can use the Wisc Account Administration site?

What actions/features can I manage

The actions you can perform is dependent on your privileges assigned to your account.

Office 365
Office 365 - Administrative Functions
Google Workspace
See/manage your account status, visibility, and Google groups.
UW-Madison Box - Getting Started
Qualtrics Survey Hosting - Getting Started
SMTP Relaying
What is SMTP Relaying
Last Pass
See/manage your status and master password.
Enable Account to Send Faxes

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