Engage - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This document provides answers to frequently asked questions about Engage. Additional information about Engage can be found in the Engage Overview document.


Does dropping a class using Engage ensure that I won't be charged for the eText/publisher Digital Learning Tool (DLT)?

If you drop a class that is using Engage, you should not be charged for the eText/DLT used by the class. If you are charged, you will receive a refund. If you drop a class after the drop deadline, your refund will be proportional to the refund schedule.

How do I opt-out / How do I opt-out if it is past the opt-out deadline for the semester (30 days before the start of classes)?

Please refer to the Opt-out Considerations and Guidelines KB under How to opt out. There are special considerations for late opt-out requests, but those can be made. Further information is included in that document.

I am on the waitlist for a course using Engage. Will I be charged the eText/DLT fee?

You will not be charged the eText/DLT fee for a course unless you are enrolled in the course.

Can I read an eText on my Kindle e-reader?

eTexts are not readable on a Kindle e-reader like the Kindle Paperwhite. eTexts used with Engage are readable on Kindle Fire tablets with a web browser. The Unizin Read app is not available in the Amazon app store on Fire tablets.


Would all students in a class using Engage need to get/use the eText or publisher Digital Learning Tool (DLT)?

All students who register for a course using Engage will be charged for the eText/DLT unless they opt-out. Students will be informed about the option to opt-out and directed to read the material in the Opt-out Considerations and Guidelines KB. They can follow the opt-out process at the end of the KB. The opt-out process allows the Registrars and Bursar’s offices to remove the charge from the student’s tuition bill.

What is the cost for a particular eText or DLT?

You can e-mail the Engage team at etexts@doit.wisc.edu to check on the prices of eTexts or DLTs from participating publishers. Please include the ISBN of the textbook you'd like to use in your e-mail.

Can I merge Canvas course sections for a course using Engage?

Instructors can feel free to merge sections of Canvas courses that are using Engage by following the process outlined in Canvas - Crosslisting/Merging a Canvas Course (UW-Madison).
Please be sure to not merge sections of a course that are using Engage with sections that are not.

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