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In 2018, as part of the implementation of Lumen Courses and in an effort to provide clear, standardized information about enforced requisites, a reorganization of course catalog information was completed to separate out the text associated with an enforced requisite and old, not enforced requisite-like text that appeared at the end of course descriptions. The text that formerly appeared after Prereq> that represented an enforced requisite was removed from the end of the course description displaying this as a separate field labeled "Requisites" (or in some systems "Prerequisites").  The requisite-like text that did not correspond with an enforced requisite was left at the end of the course description and the Prereq> was replaced with Enroll Info:.  No text was deleted.  More information about this reorganization is available here

Currently we are in a transition phase where through the Requisite Amnesty project the old, not enforced requisite-like text will be eliminated in favor of clearly stated, enforced requisites. The Enroll Info: section at the end of the course description will remain until the Requisite Amnesty project is completed, likely in 2021. Once the project is complete the Enroll Info: separator will be removed.  Information such as recommended (but not enforced) preparation, how the course fulfills requirements for specific programs etc. is located in the Schedule of Classes, the Guide etc.  Only in very limited circumstances such as providing an concise description of the circumstances when a student will be given permission to enroll in a course that is consent of instructor will a course description carry information related to enrolling in the course.

From now until the end of the Requisite Amnesty project, it is possible to add and delete text from Enroll Info but it is recommended that text not be added here.  In limited situations such as when consent of instructor is used, information related to the enrollment of students in the course may be included as the last sentence in the course description.

The Requisite Amnesty project is expected to be completed in 2021. At that time there will be further communication about timeline and process for removing the Enroll Info: separator.

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