Engage - Where to get support on publisher Digital Learning Tools (DLTs) used with Engage

This document outlines where to go for help with various publisher Digital Learning Tools (DLTs) used with Engage. Since more DLTs may be added, this should not be considered a complete list.

While the DoIT Help Desk and the Learn@UW-Madison team support the Engage tool, we will likely have to direct both instructors and students to the publisher for support on other publisher Digital Learning Tools (DLTs). Please see the chart below for where to go for support. Engage is included for completeness.

Tool:Support Note 1:Support Note 2:Support Note 3:
Cengage MindTap and WebAssign
Support provided by Cengage: cengage.com/supportCengage platform status: techcheck.cengage.comCengage phone support: 1-800-354-9706
Macmillan LaunchPad and Sapling Plus
Support provided by Macmillan: bit.ly/MacmillanLearningSupportMacmillan phone support: 1-800-936-6899 
McGraw-Hill ALEKSSupport provided by McGraw-Hill for ALEKS: bit.ly/ALEKS_support
McGraw-Hill phone support for ALEKS: (714) 619-7090 
McGraw-Hill ConnectSupport provided by McGraw-Hill for Connect instructors: http://bit.ly/2rgTlFfSupport provided by McGraw-Hill for Connect students: http://bit.ly/2KuDax7McGraw-Hill phone support for Connect: 1-800-331-5094
Pearson MyLab and MasteringSupport provided by Pearson: bit.ly/PearsonHelpDeskPearson's "Contact Us" form: bit.ly/PearsonContact1 
Pearson RevelSupport provided by Pearson for Revel - student support: bit.ly/PearsonRevelStudentSupportSupport provided by Pearson for Revel - instructor support: bit.ly/PearsonRevelInstSupportSupport provided by Pearson for Revel: bit.ly/PearsonHelpDesk
EngageKnowledgeBase Docs on Engage: bit.ly/UWMadisoneTextDocsUnizin Docs on Engage: https://resources.unizin.org/display/EKB/Unizin+EngageSupport provided by DoIT Help Desk for Engage: kb.wisc.edu/helpdesk/