AANTS: The WiscnicSearch Tool

This document gives a general overview of the new WiscnicSearch.cgi tool for querying the MySQL version of the WiscNIC database.

The search utility for the whois version of the WiscNIC database has been replaced by a new search utility WiscnicSearch.cgi for the MySQL version of WiscNIC.

Built-in Searches

There is a list provided of commonly-used searches. Selecting one of these searches from the list will automatically configure the search page to perform this type of search. The provided search presets are:

If you have other searches that you find useful, please feel free to pass them along to the AANTS administrators for possible inclusion in this list.

Manual Configuration For a Search

If none of the pre-configured searches will provide the results you are after, you can configure the tool for the search you wish to perform.

  1. Select the Input type
  2. Available Input types are:
    • Auto Detect - The tool will try to guess the input type based on what you type.
    • User Name - The name of a LAN admin or role, e.g. "Bucky Badger".
    • IP Address - e.g. ""
    • MAC Address - e.g. "0016.cbac.95f1"
    • User NIC Handle - e.g. "BB1-WISC"
    • User NetID - e.g. "bbadger1"
    • Subnet Range - e.g. ""
    • Firewall Context - e.g. "fx-101"
    • Device Name - e.g. "s-cssc-b217-17-lab"
    • VLAN Number - e.g. 645
  3. Enter your input string in the provided text field.
  4. Select the types of information you want returned
  5. Return types available are:
    • User Contact Info
    • IP Address(es)
    • User Administered Firewalls
    • User Administered Devices
    • User Administered VLANs
    • User Administered Subnets
    • VLAN Number(s)
    • VLAN Info
    • Subnet Range(s)
    • Device Info
    • MAC Address(es)
    • Route Info
You will notice that selecting certain input types will "grey-out" various output types which are considered invalid for that input type. For example, selecting "User Name" as the input type will leave the valid output types "User Contact Info", "User Administered Firewalls", "User Administered Devices", "User Administered VLANs", and "User Administered Subnets". All other outputs are considered invalid types.