AEFIS - Eval Survey Template - Creating a Survey Template (Admin)

This document describes how to create a survey template in AEFIS. Only AEFIS administrators can create survey templates.

AEFIS survey templates are part of the architecture of an AEFIS course evaluation. For a more complete explanation of how course evaluations are created, refer to AEFIS - Eval - Getting Started with Online Course Evaluations (Admin) 


Creating a New Survey Template

  1. Go to the Survey Template dashboard.
    1. Log into AEFIS with your NetID credentials.
    2. Select the Menu button (three stacked lines) on the left side of the page to open the AEFIS main menu.
    3. Select Survey Templates under Surveys.

    Survey Templates option in the main AEFIS menu

  2. Click the + Add Survey Template button on the right side of the page.
    Add Survey Template button is next to the Export button
  3. Enter a name for your survey template. You will not be able to change the survey template name once the template is published, so make sure the name adequately describes the template. The template name will not be visible to students. Since templates are commonly used for multiple courses, across multiple semesters, we recommend avoiding using course titles and dates in the survey template name.
  4. Select a survey type from the drop down menu.

    • Student Course Evaluation: This is the most commonly used survey type. Most UW-Madison departments send out midterm and/or final course evaluations to students. Survey responses are anonymous. Also several reports are available.
    • Faculty Course Evaluation: This survey type collects faculty or instructor feedback on particular courses. Surveys are not anonymous.
    • General Course Evaluation: This survey can be sent to both students and instructors. They can be anonymous.
    • Alumni Survey: This survey is sent to a selected group of alumni and is not anonymous. The list of survey recipients must be uploaded as a .csv file containing first name, last name, and email address.
    • External Group Survey: This survey type is not recommended. The results are not seen on the faculty dashboard and a user group must be created with participants. Also there are no reports available. Surveys are not anonymous. The list of survey recipients must be uploaded as a .csv file containing first name, last name, and email address.
  5. Click Save to create your survey template.
    Survey template creation page: add a title, select a type, and save

Building the Survey Template

By this point, you have created a blank survey template. You now are required to add at least one question. See  AEFIS - Eval Survey Template - Creating and Editing Questions (Admin).

You may consider creating metrics for this course evaluation. See AEFIS - Eval Survey Template - Creating Survey Metrics (Admin). (Note: Metrics are not required.)

Once these tasks are complete, you must publish the survey template before moving onto the next step, of creating a survey schedule, AEFIS - Eval Survey Schedule - Creating a New Survey Schedule (Admin)

publish template

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