UW-Madison Qualtrics - Transfer ownership of your survey

This document explains how to transfer ownership of UW-Madison Qualtrics survey(s) to another UW-Madison Qualtrics account.

Requirements and Limitations

Note: We can only transfer surveys owned by UW-Madison Qualtrics Accounts. If the survey was created by a non-UW-Madison Qualtrics account, the owner of that account must contact Qualtrics Support to request the survey be transferred.

Survey owner

If you are the owner of a UW-Madison Qualtrics survey(s) and need to transfer ownership to another UW-Madison Qualtrics account please fill out our Transfer Request form. You will need to provide the following information in order to complete the request:
  1. Name of survey(s) and survey ID (s) to be transferred

  • Name and NetID of the new owner

  • Date when you would like the survey(s) transferred. Future dated requests can not be more than 2 weeks in the future.
  • If you still need acccess to the surveys after transferring ownership, the new owner will need to invite you as a collaborator. For more information, see: Collaborating on a Project


    To request ownership of a survey contact the current survey owner and ask them to request a survey transfer using the directions above.

    If the owner of the survey is no longer a UW-Madison student, faculty or staff member, then we will need the approval of the owner's former supervisor or manager in order to transfer ownership. Please be prepared to supply contact information as part of the Transfer Request.

    Note: UW-Madison Qualtrics Brand Administrators can only transfer ownership to another UW-Madison Qualtrics account. If you would like to transfer surveys to another institution or organization please see: UW-Madison Qualtrics - Requirements to transfer surveys to another organization


    If you have any questions or need further support, please contact the DoIT Help Desk.

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