AEFIS - Users - Requesting a User Account

This document explains how to request a new AEFIS account, or to edit or terminate an existing AEFIS account.

AEFIS provides an expansive suite of tools that collect, store, and organize a wide range of information about courses, faculty, faculty performance, students, and student learning. Colleges and departments will often wish to established designated personnel to access and act upon various combinations of this data.

To make this possible, UW-Madison has established several AEFIS roles, each with a varying combination of permissions and access to AEFIS data. For information about these several AEFIS roles, see AEFIS - Users - Roles and Permissions.

Some of this AEFIS data contains sensitive information regarding students and instructors. Therefore, colleges and departments need to follow a controlled procedure (delineated below) to request employee access to AEFIS functionality.

AEFIS accounts are provisioned on the "college" or "department" level. At UW-Madison, most are provisioned at the "department" level. For security reasons, all AEFIS accounts must be associated with a NetID; Office 365 service accounts are not allowed in AEFIS.

Requests can be made by any user, but must include approval from an academic chair, a department or college supervisor, or a current AEFIS administrator for the department  where access is requested. The easiest way to obtain this access is send an email to and copy your department supervisor so when they respond we also receive the notification.

Requesters should submit the following information to

Most requests will be fulfilled within one business day.

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