UW Madison Pending P-card changes

The Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Purchasing Card Compliance Implementation Project identified some needed changes. Strong internal controls is essential to protect both UW resources and reputation, along with employees. Some current business practices have been out of compliance with UW System and DOA rules. Primary changes include a warning and revocation process, eliminate designated users, and discontinue p-card purchases with internal units.

Accounting Services is working on a UW Department purchasing card.  This has been approved by DOA with the next step being working with US Bank.  This will be a VISA card issued by US Bank and supported by Access Online, separate from the current purchasing cards and corporate cards.  A Site Manager and Divisional Financial Officer must approve in order to receive the Department card.

Each card will be assigned a Department Card Administrator (DCA)

A transaction activity log is required for each Department Card.  The DCA will be responsible for tracking all activity

Pilot testing and analysis is required prior to full campus implementation.  Pilot testing is targeted for December 2017.  DOA requires a one year review of the program. 

See attached document for the full explanation.

Summary of Purchasing Card Changes
Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Purchasing Card Compliance Implementation Project
Last updated (6/19/2017)

Why Are Changes Being Made?

What Are The Changes?

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