Engage - Support and Documentation

This document outlines how to access Engage documentation and how to get additional help with Engage at UW-Madison.


Engage works best when accessed online via the Firefox or Chrome web browsers. For support questions about Engage, please contact the DoIT Help Desk:

If Help Desk staff are unable to resolve your issue, they will escalate your issue to the appropriate consultants. Instructors using Engage will also be given access to a Canvas course which will include additional helpful information

If you are using publisher Digital Learning Tools (DLTs), support is provided directly from the publisher. More information on where to get DLT support is available in Engage - Where to get support on publisher Digital Learning Tools (DLTs) used with Engage.


You can access UW-Madison authored Engage help documentation in the UW-Madison KnowledgeBase. Unizin utilizes RedShelf for their eReader. You can access RedShelf's support documentation on the RedShelf Solve page. You can also access this material when you are in Engage. From the Engage home page, click the circle with your initials or photo. Then click the Help button:

A screencap showing the user clicking on their username icon in the upper right to reveal a menu with the "Help" button.

Click the Student / Customer Support or Professor / Instructor Support icon to view RedShelf's documentation relevant to your role. Since RedShelf does not differentiate roles in their eReader, many of the How-To's/functional docs are nested under the Student / Customer Support category.

An image showing the user support options for students and instructors in the RedShelf Solve knowledgebase

The following are direct links to Engage documentation:

Help for Students

Help for Instructors

Engage User Guides

Accessibility Information