AWS - Tracking Costs Associated with an AWS Account

AWS - Tracking Costs Associated with an AWS Account

For the best possible view of your billing data use the DLT provided CloudCheckr service.  The DLT CloudCheckr is the tool used by our vendor in generation of our invoices.

To change UW Billing information (D# and/or UDDS code) for your account, Contact the Public Cloud Team with the account id and the new information.

For those wanting to look at utilization information
Customers can track their AWS usage and view their estimated bill using the AWS Management Console: AWS - Sign In to the AWS Management Console . Because UW-Madison AWS accounts are AWS linked accounts, not all billing features are available. Below is a summary of some of the features that are available to UW-Madison AWS account holders.

Billing Dashboard

  • Sign in to the AWS Management Console
  • Open the Billing & Cost Management Dashboard  (Where to find the dashboard)
  • Switch to the Dashboard tab
    • In the Month-to-Date Spend by Service, click on Bill Details
    • On this screen you should be able to view a summary of usage, but unfortunately will not be able to download a CSV of usage

Cost Explorer

Billing Reports
  • Sign in to the AWS Management Console
  • Open the Billing & Cost Management Dashboard  (Where to find the dashboard)
  • Click on the Reports item in the left navigation pane
  • You'll see a list of preconfigured reports to choose from such as Daily costs and Monthly costs by service

Detailed Billing Report

For more details on Amazon's detailed billing reports, see AWS Billing and Cost Management.


To receive a copy of your invoice for any given month, email Contact the Public Cloud Team .

Billing Alarms

Customers can elect to receive a billing alert using CloudWatch whenever their monthly spend reaches a specified maximum value. Please note that CloudWatch billing alarms only provide a rough estimate of current monthly spend. They do not represent actual spend at any given point in time and numbers may be skewed due to reserved instance usage and service credits/grants applied to any account. 

To update the value associated with your account's billing alarms, Contact the Public Cloud Team .

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