Office 365 - Preserving organizational data due to a position change or retirement

Whether you have worked for the University for only one day or for thirty years, you will have data you have accumulated which may need to be preserved or handed off to your colleagues.

This document will give you some ways you can go about sharing this data. Important: The information provided here is primarily in the context of Office 365 - there are other locations, services, and applications you may have used that will still need to be checked to make sure the data/workflows are preserved. Remember, depending on the service/applications you are currently using, the data stored within it may no longer be accessible or retained after you have left the university - it is important you find out the retention policy prior to leaving.

Types of data include but not limited to:

Data can currently be stored within your account or on local media. Make sure you perform a detailed inventory of all your data before leaving the university.

What to do if you want to preserve any of this data:

There are a multitude of ways to save/store data - these are recommendations.