Cisco VoIP - Dialing patterns

The Cisco VoIP telephone dialing patterns will NOT be affected by the FCC's move to 10-digit dialing for the 608 area code on October 24, 2021.

How to dial your Cisco VoIP Phone

The Cisco VoIP system has a different dialing plan than the Centrex System

 Call Type  Pattern  Example
 Campus or local state agency  seven-digit dialing  262-4357
 Local calls  1 and seven-digit local number  1-555-1234
 Toll free calls  1 and 1 and ten-digit number  1-1-800-555-1234
 Long distance calls  1 and 1 and ten-digit number  1-1-212-555-1234
 International call to country in the North American Dialing plan (like Canada, Jamaica) 1 and 1 and ten-digit number 1-1-416-555-1234
 International call to all other countries  1 and 011 and country code and city/area code and number  1 011 44 303 123 7300
 Emergency call  911  911 
 Block caller ID local call1 and *67 and seven-digit local number 1-*67-555-1234
 Block caller ID long distance call 1 and *67 and 1 and ten-digit number 1-*67-1-212-555-1234

Not all phones are enabled to make long distance and/or international calls. Please contact your department's authorized user to change your permissions. The authorized user can fill out the Change Request form. Cisco VoIP Request Forms

When you block caller ID, you are only blocking caller ID for that call. Any subsequent calls will not block unless you dial the 1 * 67 first.

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