Cisco Phones - Using a Headset

This document explains how to answer calls using a headset with the Cisco phone system.

Configuring a Headset

  1. Once the headset is connected to the phone and you're logged in, press the Applications button Settingsbutton.png.
  2. Then, press 4 for Accessories.
  3. The headset should be configured automatically, but if it is not, press Setup to complete the configuration.
    • Note: If you only see "Analog headset", unplug your headset and plug it back in or find a different headset if the issue persists.
  4. If your headset is configured correctly, it should look similar to the following image:
  5. Correctheadsetsettings.png

Answering a Call

To answer a call when using a headset, press the Answer soft-key or the unlit headset button Headsetbutton.png.

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