Cisco VoIP - Call forwarding in self care portal

How to set call forwarding in the Cisco Self Care Portal. Call forward settings can be used to adjust the behavior of your phone when you are on a call or when you are going to be away from your desk for an extended period of time

You must first log into the Self Care Portal. For more information about the portal and how to log in, see Cisco VoIP - Self Care Portal You can also call forward from your telephone or Jabber. Please see Cisco VoIP - Forward Calls on desktop phone telephone (7841/8851) and Cisco VoIP - Forwarding calls in Jabber (Windows/Mac) .

Call Forward All

1. From the My Phones screen, select Call Forwarding in the left-hand column

My Phones

2. Check the box next to Forward all calls to:

a. To forward your calls to voicemail, select Voicemail in the drop-down box

Call Forwarding settings

b. To forward calls to another number (for example, your cell phone), select Add New Number from the drop-down box and enter the number as you would dial it on your Cisco phone. For example, 1 + number for local number. For more on Cisco dialing patterns, see Cisco VoIP - Dialing patterns
Call forward add new number

Call forwading add new number 2

3. Press the Save button

Advanced Call Forward Settings

Advanced calling rules can be set up to handle internal and external callers differently, based on if you are on the phone or unable to answer. 

1. From the My Phones screen, select Call Forwarding in the left-hand column

2. Expand the Advanced calling rules section
 Advanced Calling Rules

3. Check the box next to the forwarding rule you would like to modify and change the drop-down. Like the Call Forward All setting, you can select Voicemail or enter your own destination.
advanced call forwarding settings

3. Select the Save button

If you need further help, please contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance