Cisco VoIP Overview - Help and Support

This document provides an overview of documentation currently available to Cisco VoIP users.

General Project Information

Watch the video below to learn why UW-Madison is moving to Cisco VoIP, the process for transitioning and other information about the project.

New Dialing Pattern

 Centrex (old)  Cisco VoIP (new)
 Five-digit dialing for on-campus calls
  • 4-4357 (DoIT Help Desk)
 Seven-digit dialing for on-campus calls
  • 264-4357 (DoIT Help Desk)
 Dial 9 and seven-digit number make non-campus calls
  • 9 + 257-9247 (Ian's Pizza)
 Dial 1 and seven-digit number to make non-campus calls
  • 1 + 257-9247 (Ian's Pizza)
 Dial 8 or 9 and ten-digit number to make long distance or toll-free calls
  • 8 + 1 + 213-867-5309
  • 9 + 1 + 800-588-2300
 Dial 1 and 1 and ten-digit number to make long distance or toll-free calls
  • 1 + 1 + 213-867-5309
  • 1 + 1 + 800-588-2300
 Emergency calls
  • 911
 Emergency calls
  • 911 or 1 911 or 8 911 or 9 911

For more information on the dialing patterns, see Cisco VoIP - Dialing patterns 


Access the Cisco Unity Voicemail Portal. (Must be on the campus network or campus VPN to connect) Please note that the voicemail portal is only available for voicemail accounts assigned to individual users. For shared voicemail accounts, you must access through a telephone.

For more information about accessing your voicemail and changing options, see Cisco VoIP - Accessing voicemail from a telephone

For more information about accessing your voicemail and changing options from a web browser through the Voicemail Portal, see Cisco VoIP - Voicemail Portal Sign in and Overview

Cisco uses Unity voicemail. This is a different system than was used with your Centrex service. You will need to set up a new mailbox. None of your messages from the other service will be transferred. If you would like to download any messages from the old voicemail system, please see playback tab section at [Link for document 17344 is unavailable at this time.]

Accessing Your Voicemail printable handouts

Desktop phone users (PDF)

Jabber client users (PDF)

Cisco Self Care Portal

Access the Cisco Self Care Portal (Must be on the campus network or campus VPN to connect).

The Cisco Self Care portal allows users to customize their phone with call forwarding, speed dials, and other feature. See Cisco VoIP - Self Care Portal

Quick Reference Guides for Telephones

You can download a copy of our Quick Reference Guides below:

Cisco 7841 (Black and white display desk phone) Quick Reference Guide

Cisco 8851 (Color display desk phone) Quick Reference Guide

Cisco 8831 (Conference phone) Quick Reference Guide

Cisco Jabber Client

The Jabber client allows users to answer their phones on their computers. This client is available to Windows and Mac users on campus-owned computers. See Cisco VoIP - Jabber for Voice Only Overview and Sign in Information

If you need further help, please contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance