WISPER - Service Description

This document gives an overview of WISPER.


The purpose of the WISPER, the Wisconsin Proposal Electronic Routing application, and associated business processes is to assist in routing, approval, and negotiation of applications and agreements related to extramural funding on the UW campus.

WISPER is an electronic replacement for the t-form and other award set up forms.

WISPER features:

Please see the Research & Sponsored Programs WISPER website for more information.

Support Conditions

The Help Desk can assist you with logging into WISPER.

For assistance using the WISPER application please visit http://www.rsp.wisc.edu/WISPER/index.html or email WISPER@rsp.wisc.edu.


WISPER is part of the PeopleSoft Shared Financial System (SFS). The SFS system is generally available 24x7. There is a defined maintenance window on Sunday mornings from 5AM-NOON. This window will be used for hardware and software upgrades. The maintenance window is not used every week. Please see SFS and WISDM Availability for current information.