WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Using the Gravity Forms Plugin

Using the Gravity Forms plugin, a site administrator can create and use a web-based form to collect information from site visitors.

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Important information regarding use of Gravity Forms in WiscWeb

While the WiscWeb service does allow the use of Gravity Forms within its sites, there are three important pieces of information to be aware of when using the plugin.

Activation and access

Please be aware that the Gravity Forms plugin can be activated by Administrators using the instructions in WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Self Service Plugin Activation / Deactivation. Also know that only site administrators can have access to creating and editing forms within your site.

Vendor documentation

While the WiscWeb team is more than happy to assist with general guidance on how to use the Gravity Forms plugin as well as best practices, it is difficulty to continue to update our own documentation regarding the plugin. We recommend using the documentation found on the Vendor website.

Embedding a form on your site

Embedding a form within a page or post in your site is a two-step process that requires you copy the embed shortcode and then paste it into the appropriate location.

  1. Access your form and click on the Embed button in the upper right corner of the screen

    Embed button accessing options
  2. At the bottom of the popup window, click the Copy Shortcode button. This will place the necessary embed shortcode on your clipboard.

    Copy shortcode button
  3. Navigate to the page or post that you want to embed the form on, and in a text editor paste (Ctrl+V or Cmd+V) the shortcode you copied.

    A text editor field with the shortcode pasted and displayed

From Email requirements

The "From Email" field for all Gravity Forms in WiscWeb will need to be set to "noreply@email.wiscweb.wisc.edu". More information on this change can be found at WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Required "From Email" Settings for Gravity Forms.

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