Adobe Creative Cloud - Logging in with Your UW-Madison Account

How Licensed Users Can Access Adobe Creative Cloud Software

The Creative Cloud Desktop app is the best way to download, install, and update your Creative Cloud apps. Apps included in the UW-Madison ETLA is here: Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA).

You can download the Creative Cloud Desktop app here:

Using the Creative Cloud Desktop app downloaded from Adobe on your computer requires administrative rights. UW-Madison IT staff can build installation packages that don't require admin rights, and DoIT VIP customers can use Departmental Support - Self-Service Options to install without needing admin rights.

After you download, install, and launch the Creative Cloud Desktop app, you'll be presented with the Sign In screen.

  1. Type your NetID email ( in the Email address field and click the blue Continue button. Do not use your email address.
  2. UW-Madison's NetID login screen will open, and you will log in with your NetID and NetID password.
  3. After you finish logging in with your NetID, you'll be returned to the Creative Cloud Desktop app with your available applications displayed. From there, you can install, update, or open the apps.
  4. If at any point you're presented with a choice between Personal Account and Company or School Account when signing in, choose Company or School Account (see image below).Choose Adobe ID type

Your Adobe Federated account is completely separate from any other Adobe accounts you may have, even if prior Adobe accounts use your email address. If you do have a prior Adobe account under your email address, you'll be presented with a choice between Personal Account and Company or School Account when signing in. To access your Federated Account, choose Company or School Account.

You should not install software on UW-owned computers without the approval of your department's IT staff.

Always back up your files. Never store the only copy of a file in the cloud storage associated with your Creative Cloud subscription. Please contact your IT support staff for assistance in backing up UW files, or follow this document for advice on backing up your personal files: Computing at UW - Backing up Your Personal Data.

Tips for Troubleshooting Common Issues

  1. The Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app displays a "You don't have access to manage apps" message
  2. The applications appearing in the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app are all listed as trial versions
  3. White or Blank Screen When Installing Creative Cloud with Federated ID on Mac
  4. Use the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner tool to uninstall, completely remove all vestiges of previous Creative Cloud installations, and reinstall
  5. When launching Acrobat on a Mac, you receive an error message that includes the words, "The serial number 1591[...] is already in use by the maximum allowed computers."
  6. Your Adobe Acrobat license expires on 29/2/2020 Error
  7. Known Issues Related to Temporary Student Access, including the Try or Buy prompt when launching Acrobat DC

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