UWMSN - Job and Employment Management System (JEMS) Access

This document provides instructions on how to access JEMS as well as a link to the JEMS authorization form.

Procedure At–a–Glance

Category: Hiring, Rehiring, Transfers, Adding Concurrent Employment Instances, Rate and Title Adjustments, and Job Changes.
Audience: Department and Division staff who need access to the Job and Employment Management System (JEMS).
Overarching Process: This document provides instructions on how to request access to JEMS, instructions on how to complete the form, and troubleshooting instructions.

Accessing the JEMS Authorization Form

In order to access any component of the Job and Employee Management System (JEMS) a user must have a JEMS Production Application Role Authorization form.

The form is a fillable PDF and can be completed electronically, including signatures through Adobe.

Instructions To Fill Out Form

Section One: User and Position Related Information

This section captures information about the user including name, employee ID, email, and other information. Important notes about this section:

  • Indicate whether someone is a current user or new user by checking the appropriate box
  • Enter the NetID of the employee into the NetID field
  • The 3-character Logon (if applicable) field refers to a logon id assigned by DoIT Security. This field is only entered if the user had prior JEMS access and has a 3-character logon id.   No new 3-character logon ids are being issued (the NetID is used for new users).
    • If the user has a 3c logon, please enter it on the form
    • If the user does not have a 3c logon, please leave the row blank
    • Common error: entering the user’s netID into this field instead of the NetID field
  • The last name, first name, title, empl ID, work address, phone number, and home UDDS fields are required by the form editor in Adobe
    • Please always type the information in these fields
  • The UDDS field is the user's home UDDS
    • Common error: entering the UDDS for which access is being requested instead of the UDDS where the employee’s appointment is allocated

Section Two: Authorizations

  • UDDS(s)
    • Understanding UDDS codes:
      • Each campus is assigned a different letter to identify its codes from those of other campuses
        • UW-Madison’s letter is, “A”
      • The first two numbers in a UDDS code identify the college, school, or division
      • The second two numbers identify the department
      • The final two numbers identify the sub-department
        • In many colleges, schools, and divisions the final two numbers are often synonymous with funding streams
      • When assigning access to different UDDS’s in is important to remember how UDDS codes are constructed to ensure the proper level of access is requested
        • Example: access granted for A4823 would include access to A482300 and A482355
    • Hint:
      • A539900 is not the same as A5399 or A5399XX
      • A5399 and A5399XX are the same
  • Notes
    • Used for any needed miscellaneous information
    • If the user needs to receive automatic notices from JEMS, please note for which systems and employee types here
      • Notices for CHRIS-HR are self-managed via Tools>> Add Email Contacts
  • Sub-Dept/Dept/Division/View
    • Sub-Department
      • This represents the ability to enter transactions into earlier statuses including draft and entered
      • It allows a user to push a transaction to department review
    • Department
      • This level of access allows a user to perform all the functions of the center/sub-department level in addition to approving a transaction to the divisional office
    • Division
      • This level of access allows a user to perform all the functions available to the sub-department and department levels and also the ability to approve transactions to OHR for review

Section 3: Legal Agreement

This section informs the user of her/his responsibilities regarding the system and captures signatures of the user and various approvers.

  • User signature
    • Required for granting new or additional access
    • Not required for removing access
  • Supervisor signature
    • Required for granting new or additional access
    • Not required for removing access
  • College/School/Division JEMS Custodian
    • Required for all JEMS access actions

Authorization Form Links

Submitting the JEMS Authorization Form

Once the form has been completed, OHR is able to receive completed forms via campus mail or email at JEMSaccess@ohr.wisc.edu.

Access Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing access related issues, send an email to JEMSaccess@ohr.wisc.edu.

It is important to give as much information regarding errors/issues as possible, please always include:

  • What program(s) (e.g., all JEMS programs,  PVL&RA) 
  • A description of the desired action and the issue
  • Send screenshots!