WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Image Page Element

This document explains how to use the Image page element to add an image or graphic to your pages. Please Note: You can also add images via the Text Block. You are not required to use this feature for imagery.

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Purpose and use

The Image page element allows you to place an image in a two- or three-column content layout and have the UW Theme automatically format and position the image for you. The image can be alone, or can also include a caption beneath it.

Adding an Image Page Element

  1. Navigate to the page on which you want to add an Image.
  2. Scroll to the Primary Content Area and the Layout on which you want to add an Image.
  3. At the bottom of that Layout, click on Add Page Element.
  4. On the Page Element list, click on Image.

    Options available for the Image page element

    Adding the Image will give you these options:

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